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      Did any production Mk II receive a 260, or did all MkII’s come with 289’s? If any did come with 260’s, were these very early cars and up to what production #?


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      I believe that all tigers came with 260’s, the last approx. 534 cars had 289 5 bolt blocks in them these cars were MkII.

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      All MKII cars from what I’ve always read, should have a 6 bolt 289 originally.

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      Stephen Myers

      I always heard they were 5 bolt 289 blocks.

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      The MK II’s have 6 bolt blocks-that is why the slave cylinder bracket is different on a MK II and why it won’t fit a MK 1 or 1A. Eric

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      When I changed the clutch on my MKII about 36 years ago, we left one of the bellhousing bolts out because we couldn’t get it started in the threads. I believe it was at or near the top of the back face of the block.

      So, my 6-bolt 289 MKII became a 5-bolt 289 MKII.

      Fred Baum

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