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      1967 MKII 289. Question, does the oil cooler drain when draining engine oil? Shop manual shows oil capacity including engine, filter, oil cooler is 5.7 quarts. My dip stick, # C80E-6750-C if it is the correct one for the car, shows full at 5 quarts. Am I running .7 qts low? If so, is there a way to determine what is the correct dip stick for the engine?

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      Hello and welcome!
      Can you measure the length of the dip stick so another MK2 owner can compare? I am sure the oil cooler drains when you do an oil change as it is higher than the oil pan. Also when checking the oil level using the dip stick, a fair amount of oil is held in the oil filter if you are still using the original oil filter mounting and hoses (the oil filter is upside down)-that may be where some of that .7 quart is!

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