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        So a long time Tiger owner told me he’s got a proof copy of a reproduction MK2 wheel arches. Talk about golden arches, I bet the toughest critic will be the fella who paid 8000 for the last set sold on ePay.

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        If I had need for them I’d bring out the masking tape and a can of silver paint before paying that much…

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          This non computer gentleman got on the computer one day saw my ePay auctions for the AC housings and bought a couple. That’s how I met him. I like to see guys build things that others clubs included can’t seem to connect the dots on.

          I don’t have any use for them either, I just do everything I can to steer guys away from ePay and their 12.9% fees .

          I bought a AC Housing for 750.00 back when the high price was 1800.00 lucky for the Tiger world that we used it and other for a model.

          MK2 drivers are scared to drive park or take their cars out . Maybe having a suitable replacement will make it somewhat easier.

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          Yea, I don’t have a MK2 so I can kid a bit about the price costs. I did in fact buy one of the air cleaners, worth the money and once cleaned and finished, looks great on the car. If they can make them for what MK2 owners are willing to pay, more power to them.

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