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      Hello. I have 66 Tiger B9473258 LRX FE. Would someone know when this car was built? I’m trying to restore it, but it’s not fitting what I have seen out there for Series IV or Series V donors.

      It has a square hood and doors, round deck lid, and the 3-piece convertible covers.

      Thank you!


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      I don’t have my stuff in front of me to give an exact date, but it would be sometime in the summer of 65. I have an Alpine in that same timeframe with the same features, so what you want is a late series IV as a donor, although you can use the front off a V and the rear from a IV if you find individual components or partial bodies.

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      Steve, the chassis code list didn’t list build dates. I checked my Book of Norman and the Jensen date for your Tiger is 4/29/65. The paint code is 86. All other info like gearbox and trans number was withheld. Thats how the book lists stuff. Hope this helps.

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      Jimbo! Good to see you posting again.
      Steve I had a MK1 a long time ago that was built about 50 cars after yours and it also had square corner doors and hood and a round corner trunk lid. So the rest of the Tiger is Series 4 Alpine based with Series 5 square corner doors and hood. Somewhere in the BON this info is written down.
      Good luck with your resto and keep us posted! Eric

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      Hi Eric, Mike, and Jim-

      Thanks to all of you for your information! A Frankencar, eh? Well, the front is definitely in worse shape, so a Series V for me.

      Spot-on with the paint code, and I have the trans & axle numbers, so I was able to get JAL 562828.

      I have to figure out how to post images of how she looks now after strip and dip. Guess I’ll have to blow off the B-17 pics on Photobucket…

      Jensen build date of 4/29/65? Cool! That’s 10 days after my 9th birthday… 🙂

      Damn – I need to start saving my pennies for a Book of Norman…

      Again, thank you!


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