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      I have a 1967 Tiger. I understand the access panel and items under the panel in the floor behind the passenger seat changed through the years. In fact, I believe the ’67 isn’t even supposed to have a door. However, I have a car that is a one owner, with proof of correct VIN and registration back to original purchase, but it has an opening in the floor behind the passenger’s seat. Nothing is in the opening and there was a crude panel covering it, but it’s there none-the-less. So why would this be.

      As some history, the car did have significant floor rust, which the prior owner said was remediated and "undercoated", and it was in a rear-end wreck. So it’s possible the floorboard could be a replacement from an Alpine or something, but I’m not sure how to tell. Any ideas?



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      I’m not the "expert", but I’d say that some confusion can arise based on "model year".
      I’m pretty sure that a "1967" Mk 1a would still have that access door, only the Mk 2s don’t have it.
      By VIN [and other details], is your car a 1a or a 2?

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      Hi Mark:

      Thanks for the reply. Mine is a Mk II.


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      The MkII had the same battery lid cover as with all Tigers and Alpines.

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      Ron and Cathy Stein

        As far as I know, and I have owned at least 6 Mk2 Tigers since the 70’s, there was never a door behind the passenger seat like the earlier Tigers. It was a stamped solid steel shelf, and the fuel pump was relocated into the spare tire wheel well original in the Alpine. I suspect that while VIN may be original, parts or all of the body shell were replaced due to major body trauma. Alpines were cheap in the old days and a lot of people used them for repair. I suggest that you try to have the car TAC’d and they can advise you whether parts of the car were replaced. The Mk2 has a bunch of subtle changes from earlier Tigers, like a reversed panhard rod, additional engine compartment bracket, front valence support bracket, etc.

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        Jeff Nichols

          No true Rootes built MKII has the door in the photo. If your car has that door and someone sold you a ‘MKII’ at the least, the rear clip was replaced with a Alpine or Tiger MKI clip.

          You may want to look at this web site.

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