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      We have all had people call our cars MGs and Triumphs. I heard a new one today. A guy asked me if it was a Studebaker.

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      What’s worse is when a girl says, "That ‘s a cute car, what kind is it?" when it says "Sunbeam" on the front and the back.

      The word "cute" sends chills down my spine.

      Fred Baum

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      The biggest ego boost I ever had was the day someone asked me if it was a "New" car. Granted, it was an old lady driving a Buick but it was still a kick.

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      I get mistaken identity all the time… mistaken for a Datsun, Fiat, or worse a Simca. 😯
      Never mistaken for a Studebaker though.

      Some of the odd questions were…
      "Is it solar powered?"
      "Where do the batteries go?"

      Also get weird looks pumping fuel under the hood.

      I don’t mind the "cute" comment… because an Imp simply IS the cutest thing on four wheels.

      Small cars get very little respect.

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      Hi "Killer",
      How is the other half and the IMP collection? Going to be at the BASH?
      Not sure yet if I can make it. How do you compare an IMP with a MINI?
      I still like IMPS’s, but also enjoy the MINI at this moment. The comments we get are always a joy. There has been a Dutch IMP for sale in Texas for a while. A little pricey I guess. I might check its heritage.
      Take care, Robert

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      Valerie and I will be at the BASH… hope to see you there, Robert!

      On a cuteness factor of the mainstream public, the Mini will probably win. The Imp can’t compete with the cuteness of the 10" tyres. *snicker*

      We’ll see who gets more attention at a car show… definitely the Imp. Even if it does need some paint-work.

      (I didn’t think that Imp for sale in Dallas was "all that" and the price was a bit high.)

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      I got hollered at once for ruining the looks of a Corvette. I was in my E-type…..

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        i remember having a young lady look at my series 4 and ask ; WHAT IS IT? that was 1978. it didn’t take long to start educating her after we started driving the car that had set for several years.everything started breaking and we both worked on forward to the present.ask jean a question about sunbeams now and i bet she has an answer.

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          My wife Toni was driving the Series II Alpine one day (back when it was on the road 😥 ) and stopped for gas at a local station. A fellow came up and asked "Where’s the propellers?". What propellers are you talking about? By now you realize he thought he was looking at an Amphicar.

          Leaky Alpine
          (Bil Haley)

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          Another twist on the Triumph deal. I was at a cruise-in tonight and listened to a scholar educating a friend regarding the Triumph Tiger. It seemed pointless to correct him so I didn’t bother.

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          Many years ago I was at the Atlantic City car show swap meet, where there was a Tiger on display. I overheard a guy tell his girlfriend that it was a "death trap", no air abgs, no colapsing stering column, no safe bumpers, etc.

          Funny, I’m still driving my "deathtrap". I wonder what he’s driving, if he’s still alive.

          The point is, all the safety equipment in the world will not protect you if you don’t know the correct way to drive.



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