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      Tulsa was HOT HOT but we were there with the Twin Turbo Tiger. We made the drive on Thur about a 20 mile cruise through town and then to the sonic alot of cars and one other Tiger, Mike from Baton Rouge. Mike had ran his on the road coarse that day and was still running good.
      Sat. went to the drag strip and man it was hot 104 temp and the track temp was 153 degrees cars were having a tough time getting down the strip I red lit on my first time trial run because the trans brake blew a fuse but it ran a 9:99 at 139MPH. We only got one time trial run. First round I won with a 10:00, second round dialed in a 10:00 and went 10:01 and lost with a slower reaction time. Mike’s tiger had problems with traction and i think the best he did was a 11:63. We went back out Sat. at 11:00pm and they were running a shoot out series but I could’nt race in it because we had to weigh 3200 lbs and on the track scales we weighed 3000lbs but we got to test & tune we made 4 passes and the fastest was a 9:96 @ 139MPH so all together we ran seven times and it was from 9:96 to 10:01. Wish we could have put some more boost in it but something wrong with boost controller on the Dyno wed night we could only get 11lbs of boost and ran out of time trying to figure it out. It made 668RWHP on that setup.
      We put a pump on the inner cooler and the air temps went from a 127 deg. to 87 deg. so that’s where we gained our horsepower.
      All in All we had fun and the car stayed together but it was way to hot.

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      Well three years later we were back in Tulsa didn’t learn anything from the last time it was HOT.
      We ran almost exactly the same times as we ran last time 9’s at 139.
      Went out again in second round:-( ha ha but car ran great.
      Was the only Tiger there.
      We sure don’t get much recantation from the Shelby people that Carroll Shelby was part of the Tiger build. 🙄
      in fact a couple ask why the car was there at a Shelby event.
      Maybe it was because i hurt some of Shelby guys feelings

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      I have always felt Tigers were the ugly stepchild nobody cared about.

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      You need to see Jerry’s twin turbo Tiger rip down the track!
      It gets everyone’s attention………….and respect. Eric

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      Nice work, Jerry.

      We’ve found the SAAC (and TS) folks to be welcoming at events here… of course we aren’t kicking anyone’s butt, either :mrgreen:
      Of course we’ve also heard people talking about all the "Mustangs" at Shelby gatherings… so wondering what a Tiger is doing there doesn’t seem exactly unbelievable 🙄

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      If it wasn’t for my sponser TurboHorsePower i wouldn’t have gone but he talk me into it.
      I really shouldn’t complain because at the cruise car show they told be i was in the top 5 to be picked to win but maybe i should get the car repainted :mrgreen:
      O well as long as i can still get out and represent the sunbeam Marque its all good.
      Wish i could attend more sunbeam events mybe if i get retired my wife and i are thinking of moving back east.
      Happy Sunbeaming

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