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      Hello everyone. I have just bought my first ever SUnbeam Tiger, a 1966 Series 1A car. I have not even taken delivery yet, but I am thinking of the things I ill want to do. First, the paint code on the ID plate is 100, which refers to Mediterranean Blue. OK, so far so good. But I absolutely cannot find that paint code anywhere. Is this a Rootes only color, or was it a Chrysler color under a different name? I even have no idea what Mediterranean Blue actually looks like, and I will definitely want to bring the car back to its original color eventually. Is there a modern paint code that 100 converts to? I think it’s a light blue, but I want to make sure I get the correct formula. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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      The Tiger in this ad
      is Med blue, or a pretty close approximation. It’s a nice color… not nearly as common as red or green.

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      The color code 100 is a Light Blue with a touch of Green in it. I have a 67 Alpine that is the original color have owned the car for over 30 years. If you go to the Sunbeam Alpine owners club web site, there is someone who has all the paint codes and new crossovers to moderen paints. 8) Here is the link!!

      If you are in need of actual paint samples from any of the below colours, please contact Jan Servaites. <> Jan has spent countless hours collecting original paint samples from actual Alpine parts. Using the latest colour formulating technology, Jan has accurately match most of the colours listed below. He will gladly help you obtain the correct Alpine color need to complete your restoration.

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