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      Hi, and great to see all the Sunbeams at the Spring Bash. My wife was so embarrassed about out top (it stayed hidden even with the threat of rain) at Jim Thorpe, PA, that she has given me the order to obtain a new CANVAS convertible top. This, after I’ve been told countless times not to spend another dime.
      Can anyone please help me with the name of a supplier of a black canvas top (our Mark 1 may have a Mark 1A frame-velcro strips on each side), and someone who’s familiar enough with our kind to install it correctly? We live in the Eastern Panhandle of WV, and would consider going to PA, MD, & VA for install. My wife’s order will only be rescinded if the cost is really prohibitive, so I need to run while she’s still temporarily insane. Thank you, Rich

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      Try Robbins at . I believe this is the brand that Tiger Tom used to sell. Good Luck!

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      Any luck on a resource for the canvas top? ❓

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      Lori and Dave Noyes

        Has anyone bought a Tiger top from Robbins recently? Mine saw the light of day for the first time in over 30 years — it will definitely need to be replaced. Seams are torn and the material is crumbly. If not Robbins, is there another reliable source?

        Additionally, any opinions on having a hardtop repainted and sealcoated?

        Lori Noyes

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        rick’s tops (sunbeam specialties) are robbins. i have a brand new one i bought last year sitting in its box waiting to install it. (my current top is new but has a rip in the side). it appears to be good quality.

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        When you state canvas, do you mean the material similar to the original soft tops or the material used on current convertible tops? Before my Fathers passing, he replaced the original looking soft top with the current type material found on Mercedes and the like. I think it looks better than the original material.

        Just my opinion,

        Regards, Robin.

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        Question for the experts. I am in the process of installing a new convertible to on my 1966 Tiger MK1A. Do the center strap()s between the front peak rail and the middle and rear rail go on top of the rails or below. Thanks in advance !!!!!

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