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      I finally gave up on changing points and bought the Mallory E-Spark. When warm, the engine runs great. When cold, it is horrible. It starts quickly enough but bucks and shakes horribly under throttle until it warms up. Today, I decided to let it idle for a bit before taking off to enjoy a beautiful Florida day. It shut off after a few seconds and was a bear to start again. After warming up for a few more minutes, I took off and about a mile down the road it just shut down while cruising at about 35. Again, it was a bear to start but once it did start it ran great for about a 20 minute drive.

      I still have the stock, and very old, coil. Is it possible that it could just not be strong enough on a cold engine but be adequate for a warm engine? By the way, this engine has always been hard to start when hot and the
      E-Spark made no difference. This is a 302 with a mild cam and Edelbrock 500 carb.

      Any two cents worth of advice would be welcomed. My piggy bank of ideas has run dry.

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      OK, so I clicked on Alpine by mistake. It’s been a bad day.

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      I would change the coil .Have you changed the spark plug wires?I would suspect the wire from the coil to the distributor as well.What about the ballast resistor?Is it allowing enough power?

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      Plug wires are 8mm Accel SuperStock. Ballast resistor is something I picked out of a parts book that looked like it mounted the same as the original.

      I assumed that since it always ran well when cold using the old points it would run like crap all the time if either the plug wires or ballast resistor were an issue with the Mallory. Running poorly when cold was the last thing I expected.

      I had hoped that this would be a no-brainer issue that others had experienced and that the answer would be obvious and simple. I guess it is just another case of the car fighting any effort to bring it into the 21st century. I will buy the proper coil and talk sweetly to the car to convince it that it is still loved.

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      Try Retro rockets (google it ) they have elect. ign. and power coils to suit all. I’ve put them on my Holbay Alpine and the difference is amazing!!!!

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