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      Hi all,

      I post a lot on the SAOCA site but the penny didn’t drop about TE/AE till just now 😳

      I am rebuilding the last remaining Cantilever trunk lidded Harrington to period correct. 4 years in and 2 to go.

      My other side hobby is compiling and collecting Alpine accessories. There are not a lot of remaining accesories in the UK so any leads or offers will be very gratefully recieved.

      If I can help anybody in turn I most surely will, just ask!

      Next project will be a Tiger so this is the first step

      Best regards to all


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      Hi, Oliver.

      A fellow appreciator of the fins! Show us what you’ve been doing when you get the chance. Its always great to see the rare Harringtons.

      So what Tiger have you got? Are you doing it up original or going for modifications?

      Welcome aboard.

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      Welcome Oliver!
      We Harrington owners need to stick together… is good to see you here too.


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