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      Taken at the 1200 ft. point of a 1/2 mile race . Car in 2nd place is a Hellcat Challenger.

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      Did you hold him off for the 1/2 mile?

      Fred Baum

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      Your car is hooked-up! fantastic – nice work.

      I’d be afraid that they are gonna stop inviting you to these parties if you keep showing everyone up :mrgreen: 😆


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      The Tiger won by about .5 mph . It was a cool day ( 60s) and the turbo and supercharged cars were running very well . The Hellcats were 6-7 mph faster than normal .

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      Just curious now that you mentioned "turbocharged cars"… do any turbo-Buick powered cars ever show up at these types of events?

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      No turbo Buick cars . Probably 90% of the cars are less than 10 yrs. old.

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      I would think that a "stock" version would run out of motor/rpm or hit governor, while a modded one would get kinda scary (unless some aero/suspension work).
      This sort of subject (top speed or 1/2 mile event) has come up a couple of times recently on [non-Sunbeam :mrgreen: ] forum that I’m on… made me wonder.


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