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      I am looking at some aftermarket 7/16ths 20, 2 7/8ths long with a .480 kurled section wondering if the hubs will have to be drilled. Anyone done this?

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      I know that the guys who race Minis do this all the time to get a larger diameter wheel stud. Looks like machinest time! Eric

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      I am not so much looking for a larger diameter wheel stud as a longer one. Thinking if the stock diameter can handle the V8 it should be good with a V6.

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      Jim, I used to sell the .480 Knurled stud cause the OEM was no longer available. Pre-drill the existing hole with a 15/32 drill before pressing in new stud. Although this may seem crude, you can use a hand drill. The drill acts more like a reamer and self centers sufficiently. Unless you are going for a 200MPH land speed record, you’ll never detect any concentricity problems. Next time you get a chance, check a tyre and see how out-of-round it is, then you won’t worry about a couple thousandth on stud true position.


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      Finally the longer wheel studs arrived from Summitt. Got Moroso brand but there are others as well same money same specs also got open end lug nuts. Knocked the stock lugs out drilled the holes [shop I work in is metric land so used a 12 mm bit] and pressed in the new lugs. Now if I could just find someone local to set up the gears… get the front end rebuild done I can set it back on the ground.

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      I drilled mine out to 1/2in. cut the threads and used moroso studs.

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