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      Greetings all,

      I’m looking at a prospective Tiger, and it needs brake repair. The current owner is very co-operative and wants them repaired before I can test drive/purchase the vehicle.

      My mechanic asked me to pose the question, are there recommended lift points for the vehicle (he’s very particular) when using his shop lift?

      Also a related question on the jack… it’s certainly not like anything I’ve seen before :^) Where does it ‘fit’? We were looking for some sort of ‘receiver’ midway or so on the car.

      Thanks everyone!

      don w.

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      The standard sunbeam jack fits into the square openings located at the front and rear corners of the car, under the bumpers. They are easy to spot since they should be the only openings in those areas.

      Fred Baum

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      its unfamiliar to you because it is a unibody. Just find the rails and you can jack it up from there. It should be pretty easy. When just jacking up front or back, i jack up the big oval thing in front. Im drawing a black on what its called. And in back i jack up the diff. And then use jack stands. It should be quite simple. Good luck.

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