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      Can anyone tell me which of these mounts are left and which is right?


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      The mounts have a short ear and a long ear with the holes that attach to the block. When installed on the hanger, the short end side should be forward.


      PS: You might want to consider drilling some countersunk holes on the face side shown and putting some 5/16 reinforcing bolts through the rubber pad. Use Nylock nuts on the other side only snuggly tightened. Pics are in website article on building a 350 Lunati motor by Tim Ronak. 🙂

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      thanks for the feed back Gene. 😀

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        quote artic cat:

        thanks for the feed back Gene. 😀

        Also, on those done by Ford and several other suppliers, you can find a feint L or R stamped in the inner pocket that faces the block. rw

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        You have two right mounts……and you can see that the two right mounts are not the same. You got these from AutoZone?
        Right mount number – 2221 … 11_0_43023

        The left mount is part number – 2220 … 12_0_43023

        I would take them back and get mounts from NAPA, much better quality and they will be correct. As tight as the egine is, you can’t have sloppy made mounts.

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