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      I got my Sept issue of the Rootes Review-the United 25 Commemorative Issue. Wow! Good job Fred. Thanks for including all of the photos-I took my camera and barely used it. But every time I saw our humble editor, he was taking photos. It brings back memories of a great United. Eric

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      Thanks, Eric, for the compliments. I thoroughly enjoyed the United and taking the photos. I wish you could see the three Tigers on the cover in color – they are left to right red, white and blue!

      A color edition should be sent soon by Jim Morrison.


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      Ditto. Great job. Lots of reminders of a good time for those who made it and inspiration for those of us with not quite road worthy cars that couldn’t make it.

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      In my response to Eric I said there would be a color edition sent out by Jim Morrison. I should have qualified that remark with it will be available on line, as the Electronic Rootes Review.

      It should also be noted that it will be in the form that I send to the printer, not the finished copy. We will try in the future to get color electronic copies from the printer.


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