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      Are there any reproduction LAT Oil Pan out there for sale.

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      I was just about to post the same question. I’d like to buy a cast aluminum oil pan with the Tiger script for my Tiger. I’ve found the same thing but with the Cobra script. I much prefer the Tiger one. Does anyone know if these are still made? There used to be a company called Cobra Automotive Specialists in New Haven, CT that made them, but I don’t think they are in business anymore (or maybe they changed dba). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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      Jeff Nichols

        You may be SOL on the Shelby oil pan with "Tiger" lettering. No none seem to make that anymore. Once in a while you see the same oil pan without lettering, just a blank space, on Ebay. A good alternative is the finned aluminum oil pan for SBF that show up on Ebay for around $82.00 I have one on my car and it looks really good.

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        Jeff Nichols

          You are in luck! Check out Rbay UK # 230409405461. Its the Tiger lettered LAT oil pan for 800 pounds which is around $1200.

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          Mike Schreiner

            Steve Jaffe in Florida has one in the pile of parts in his storage bin( I saw it)….I believe it is an original, but not sure….He may sell it…

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            For the $1200-$1500 it takes to get an old original I guess I will pass and put the money in my Motor. There is no substitute for speed.

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