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      I recently purchased a Mk1A Tiger (1966) and am still looking it over…

      One thing I noticed is the silver colored 6 bladed fan.

      Initially I thought it was "after market" but then I saw a list of LAT options that includes a 6 bladed fan…(LAT-42 A: 6 Blade Water Pump Fan)

      How to know if my car’s fan is LAT or aftermarket?

      I took a pic but have no idea how to upload it…

      Thanks in advance,


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        The part number for the LAT 6 blader is:

        C9DZ-8600-A the assembly number – each of the alloy blades were stamped CF-C9DE-A.

        They also have made in canada on them.

        also congrats on the tiger purchase!

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        Allan, if your fan has the C9DZ prefix it is highly doubtful it is a LAT option. The C9 denotes the fan was first produced in 1969. Two years after Tiger production ended. The Ford parts system relegated the C to mean ’60 era parts and the 9 indicates the specific year. The 8600 sequence is used to identify it as a fan. So that means you would have a part from a 1969 Ford. The C9DZ-8600-A fan could be found on the 1969 Maverick six cylinder engine with air conditioning and probably a lot of other 1969 models and beyond. Six blades moved more air over the stock four blades. Another example of Fords part numbering is the five blade fan I picked up for another build. The part number is D866-8600-AA, and that fan was removed from a 1978 Mercury Bobcat with air but is a larger diameter, 17 inches, and not suitable for the Tigers fan constrictions. And it too has Made in Canada printed on it.

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        Thanks – I’ll keep looking; so far I can only see the back of the blades and just the outer half, and see no markings – will have to wait until such time as the radiator is removed so I can see the blades’ other side.


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