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      Looking for a tire shop or garage that has old-fashioned equipment to balance my LAT-9 wheels (has no center hole, and I don’t want to cut them off.) I had this done about 5 years ago with the wheel & tire balanced on the car. The garage I used no longer has the Snap-on Tools euipment. Am in the Phila area & will travel a reasonable distance to have this work done.

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      Welcome to the LAT-9 club. I am near Chicago so my guy can’t

      I understand that some BMW’s use wheels without holes and
      their dealers have the ability to balance. Most big stores have
      machines that can do the job if (1) they bought the additional
      cost adapter plate and (2) are in the humor to install in on
      their machine.

      My guy uses the old fashioned strobe balancer spinning the
      wheels while on the car.

      If you can get a spin balance adapter to hold (they don’t fit
      the rims) you can spin the on the rear. But no faster than
      60 mph as the true speed is double or 120 mph.

      DONT please DONT cut the heads off. I can not tell you the
      number of LAT-9 owners looking for heads.


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      Gilles Blais

      My wild card suggestion is to check with a specialized wheel alignment shop. A long-established one may be able to balance the wheels on the axle. My local alignment shop uses a powered rollers contraption. They did my Alpine’s wire wheels. I dabbed a spot of paint on the hubs to line up with the tire valve as a reference so wheels would be kept in balance with the hubs if I had to remove them.

      Cheers, Gilles

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