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      My name is Dave Green and I am undertaking a Lat 9 wheel center cap project. Here is the info on it;

      Okay all you Sunbeam Tiger owners. I am just about ready to produce a limited run of center caps for the LAT 9 wheels. They will be raw aluminum machined on a CNC machine with the cut out center tigers head. The max outside diameter will be 2 1/4" that has the taper to the top. The height will be 3/4". I believe Tiger Tom did these in the 80’s or 90’s?? I think this is one of his examples that we are using for the template. As of now I will be doing about 30 caps.The cost per cap will be $30 without shipping. If I can get a run of 50 I can drop this to $25 each.
      I will be needing a firm commitment from all interested. Within the next 2 week I should be getting a sample of the finished cap. I have not seen any mention of my project in any of the Sunbeam Clubs publications. I wish that would have happened so Sunbeam Tiger owners that are not computer literate can benefit from this. If you need to see a picture of the sample we are using contact me and I will e-mail a jpg out. If you know of anyone who may be interested please give my information to them.

      My history with Sunbeams,
      I am a member with TEAE, CAT,& STOA. For quite a few years. Been on the Tiger list for near 10 years. Been to SUNI 3, 4, & 5 Owned Sunbeams Since 1982 and Tigers since 1998.

      Dave Green
      2113 S. Avenida Planeta
      Tucson, Az. 85710
      520-747-2901 message

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