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      Hi All,

      I heard there is a gentleman on the west coast reproducing LAT 79 Bonnets of very good quality. I heard the name Wilcox?

      Does anyone have the contact information? It would be nice to get the LAT 79 in aluminum or carbon fiber instead of fiberglass. I also heard the name Steve Acla (spelling?)

      Need the bonnet as soon as possible so any recommendations and contact information would be appreciated.

      Best Regards,

      Anthony J. DiBattista
      President TE/AE

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        Steve Alcala runs a restoration buisness and i believe he made some Ally LAT style bonets a while back. As for other sources there is a fibreglass company in the US making LAT bonets:

        i cant vouch for quality or fit

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        If you find the name/contact info for the west coast guy, please advise as I’d be interested in a hood too. Thanks John

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