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        A couple of years back i managed to acquire an original LAT 18 "rally jacket". The ones offered by dealers as part of the LAT options. Despite it being adult Medium size it was to small for me (i gather americans must have got bigger in the last 45 years?) I could fit into it but it was like a T-shirt. The jacket also has 2 owner placed patches (1 US navy and another some dog owners club) which i have kept on it but may now remove.

        Anyway I started doing some research into the jackets. The jackets were made in California by a company that did many sporting teams/college/club jackets and the LAT jacket was a variation on that. They used a poplin fabric (its like a cotton canvas) and talon zips. they also had 2 stripes down the front in a quite textured vertical grain ribbon in black and orange.

        Not wanting to cut up the original jacket to get a pattern i started searching out a larger jacket by the same manufacturer. After about 3 months i picked one up in the internet in japan.. it was a medium as well but at least i could pull it part to have a pattern made for a larger size.

        After mucking around trying to get a close match on the fabric and source talon brand zips I found materials that were close enough to what i needed.

        A tailor was finally convinced to grade the pattern and make a reproduction of the jacket. They were not happy about the "old style" detilaing and the fact "nobody makes the jackets like that anymore" and "why not tailor it".. but i wanted it as close as possible to the correct item..

        so here we are almost 2.5 years later.. I still need to make the front LAT patch but its almost complete!

        original jacket:

        repro jacket:

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