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      Went to the drag strip last Saturday with my Mark 1A. Cool humid day with a little headwind. For those not familiar with the car, it has a 347 with 3.31 gears and 4 year old drag radials. Here’s my best run for the day. The two late model Z06 corvettes that were there wouldn’t run me. I guess they wanted to keep mystique alive. 🙂

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      Whoa!! That is MOVING – really impressive. Is the car still "streetable"?
      All my GN buddies will "only" go to 11.5 unless they want to install a bar, the tracks around here (Phila/NJ/MD) are pretty strict.
      What sort of hp do you figure you’re putting down?

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      Yes, the car Is street driven , 6000 miles since 2007. About 80 1/4 mile runs , plus some open track events and about 60 autox runs.
      I’m not allowed by NHRA rules to run faster than 11.49 without additional safety equipment installed. Last week I drove 30 miles to the drag strip ,let some air out of the BFG drag radials, made 5 runs, pumped the tires back up and drove home. BTW the 11.5 run was made with the stock Tiger air filter housing with a KN airfilter.

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      Looks better with all four wheels attached : )

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      Great times, glad to see another Tiger not afraid to put it through its paces. 😀

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      Its even another green Tiger 😀

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