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      Hello from the center of the USA !

      The story…..
      Back in the ’90s I borrowed an un-installed original set of the LAT 41 Vents from a generous TEAE menber in Ohio so that we could copy them for use on my ’65 Tiger [ B382000045]
      At that time we made some extras ,but now they are all gone….I saved one set for a model if we needed more of them sometime in the future.
      Well, the future is now ! I am getting ready to have a new batch made and was wondering if anyone in the Club would be interested in a set ?
      Fabrication Report , Part Two;

      There has been enough interest in this project to go ahead with production of these !
      I have firm orders from four of you at this point, and I know there are others that are interested. I will hold open the ordering until December 1, 2007 and then go into production. The cost is $350 plus some shipping.
      If you want in on this production run please let me know ! These are too pricey for me to "speculate" and make any extras.
      Payment won’t be expected until I have product ready to ship and I would like to use my Paypal account for ease of operation. If this poses a problem for anyone , I am sure we can work something else out.
      If you still need to see pictures , please email me at, and I will email a couple of shots to you.
      The fabrication shop owner has called a worker out of retirement to bend the pieces for this job . He essentially has to make all of the bent stock first and then do the assembly , and figures that each set will take most of a day, so this will be the last chance to get a pair from here !

      don robertson
      TE/AE # 054
      539 South Baltimore Ave
      Hastings NE 68901

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        Do these vents go into the hood?

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        They are copies of the LAT 41 fender vents. They mount just below the Tiger script on the front fender . If you will send me an email at , I will send you a couple shots of these vents installed in the car.
        thanks for your interest
        don robertson
        TE/AE # 054

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