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      I have seen write ups on replacing the 7/16-20 wheel studs with 1/2-20 in the past, I would offer another alternative. I recently had one of my stock studs become loose because the hole in the flange was worn and the knurle on the stud wouldn’t hold tight. looking at the 1/2 inch studs avail the knurled was quite large, most were .635 or bigger requiring a about a.680 hole to drilled in the flange. I researched 12mmx1.5 studs and found a stud that only required a 12.5mm hole for a 12.8 knurled. I felt it was a very good replacement without going overboard to 1/2-20 studs requiring a much larger hole to be drilled in the flange. The one I found was for a corvette C4,5,6 and 1/2″ longer than stock. It was about 2 1/4″ long if I remember. On our cars depending on what wheels you have you will probably want to cut them to length. On my car I shortened the front studs, but left the rears full length. Of course you will need need lug nuts appropriate for your wheels, my research showed that there are plenty of options out there. I liked the corvette stud because the threads went all the way down to the knurled, some do not.

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      Here’s a tip on larger wheel studs. you can tap the existing hubs 1/2 20 and use socket head tap screws
      just punch out the studs and tap no drilling required. you can buy SHCS that are threaded to the head.

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      one suggestion to that, besure to use a drill press or other machine tool to get the tap perfectly straight or you will have trouble with lug nuts and holes in the wheel lining up..with steel wheels and short bolts, not that critical, but if you have alloy wheels that need a stud 1 1/2 to 2″ and uses a shank style lug nut that goes into the wheel a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch you will have an issue..I know that because when I first got my current car that was the first think I had to fix. when you install new studs with a knurl use the wheel and lug nut to pull the stud through straight

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      I might also add that with the 12mm studs my original steel wheels went on with out modify the holes which is a good thing, drilling out holes on steel wheel would not have good results. I don’t run steel wheels but I thought I’d like to see if they fit and they did

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