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      I’m considering going to a 14 inch rim. This rim is knock off only. Are knock off hubs available and does a 14 inch rim change anything on the car besides the speedo gear.

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        Depending on the offset and backspacing etc it will change the steering gemoetry. Another thing to consider is what type of wheel you are going to.. are you sure there is no bolt on application or one close? The Le Manns Tigers ran splined hubs with 15″ knock offs, as did the Frazer tiger. I would think you could investigate the alpine splines, but maybe they are not strong enough.. perhaps investigate cobra, aston hubs?


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        Thanks for the information.
        The wheel I’m looking at is an Image Wheels GT5. It’s very similar to a Halibrand (sp) on a Cobra. It comes in splined or Tiger compatible studs. The trouble is that the spinner is not functional and I think it looks odd to have studs and a spinner. I’ll do the false spinner if by going to a splined hub too many other things are altered.

        Thanks again

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        Let us know what you ultimately do! I love the looks of wire wheels.
        However I have regular wheels now and do not like the hassle of balancing, tire mounting, etc. with wire wheels.

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        Bill-do you have a link to the company making those wheels or a photo? I like the look of splined knock off wheels. thanks-Eric

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        The link for the wheels I’m looking at is They have several styles and custom make them based on your measurements. They are three piece wheels and look great. Delivery is about a month. I’ve got five LAT-9 wheels, in like new condition that I may sell to get Halibrand style wheels.
        From what people that know more than me say, wire wheels are a bad idea for a Tiger.

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