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      Just thought I’d say hello.
      I just signed up on this forum. I’m a current member of SAOCA. I have a ’66 Alpine (basket case) and a ’66 parts car that I’m working toward the V6 conversion. I’ve had 2.8 heads modified, 2.9 crank modifed to take 2.8 gears, have Jose’s kit. Collected the Mustang II bellhousing, clutch, flywheel, etc. Got the 2.8 from a ’79 Mustang. Have a T5 from a ’95 3.8 Mustang. In addition to the Alpines I have 2 MGB’s, ’57 Olds, ’63 T-Bird, ’65, ’69, and ’73 Mustangs.
      Same user name on the SAOCA.


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      Welcome, MikeH

      Sounds like you have quite a collection.

      The V6 Alpine conversion is a very worthy endeavor. Mr. Sharkey’s V6 is a wonder to behold. Good luck with the conversion.

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      Welcome Mike,
      Is that all in running condition? And howe do you keep that all going? Maybe I am missing something, but with yearly inspections, maintenance, etc, I have my hands full on two regular cars and my three running old cars. Tell me please how you do that. And you must have a good size barn with the Brit’s and a lot old American iron thrown in with it .
      Anyway, we like to see you collection someday. In which neck of the woods are you located?

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      The Olds and Tbird run, but need work. The 65 Mustang is a coupe that has been my daily driver for 14 years. The 69 Mustang is a Mach I that I’ve had in pieces for about 18 years. The ’73 Mustang is a convertable that I’ve had about 20 years and used to show. It was in the March ’93 issue of Mustang Monthly. Both MGB’s are in pretty decent shape. I just put a new windshield, interior, top frame in the ’79 (wife’s car). Have a cloth top to put on it. Have a Rivergate 5-speed conversion for it. The ’80 ‘B is to undergo a 215 ci aluminum block V8 conversion with a T5 tranny. Have all the parts to do it from the rad to the rear universal joint. I picked up the Alpines about 2 years ago for $500. The good one had started a restoration, new floors, all rusty metal replaced, in primer. It’s a rolling chassis. The other is a rusty parts car. The guy moved and needed to get rid of them. After getting them I discovered V6 Jose and have since gotten one of his kits. Then found a ’79 Mustang with the 2.8 V6. Makes the conversion easier as it already has the rear sump oil pan where the Mustang II did not. Since then I’ve had heads ported/polished, extra cooling holes drilled, 2.9 valves with 3 angle valve job installed and new guides and seals. I have a 2.9 crank with the snout modded to accept 2.8 timing gears. Picked up the Offy 4V intake and 390 Holley. Have new timing gears and high volume oil pump with new shaft. Plan to go .030 over on the bore and run ’74 2.8 pistons as the have higher pin placement. Estimate compression will be 9.2:1. Found a T5 from a ’95 or ’96 Mustang. Had it torn down and bench checked. Found the front of the mainshaft was gualled. Sent it to Hanlon Motorsports in PA and had it sleeved. As far as space goes, when I bought my house it had a 40′ x 46’ pole barn. I had a slab poured and fully enclosed it. I’ve got a good size air compressor and just bought a Prokar 2 post lift. But everything is on hold at the moment as I just had surgery to re-attach my bicep tendon at the elbow of my right arm. Luckily my wife is into cars and likes yard work. And being in Florida I don’t have to worry about inspection, just tags every year. Thanks for the interest. Mike

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