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      The weather has been so nice the last couple of weeks so I went into town yesterday and liccensed the 62.Guess what the weather changed overnight.Rain driven by the wind gusting up to 60 MPH.Temperature dropping and right now just a few degrees above freezing.
      Possible snow overnight
      Might be a few days more before getting the car out.
      As I said its the pits.

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      We put about 400 miles on the new front end,70deg here makes a differance

      jkgriffs S4 V8

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      That hurts about the 70 degree temperatures
      The front end I take it is performing well.
      Taking the 62 for a drive for lunch today.Not too far but maybe 20 miles one way

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      80 Today painting the bathroom!!!! front seems to work well changed the rear springs to 170#
      a little different go’s straight when you take your hands off the wheel maybe some more fiddleing!


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