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      Sean Johnson

        Anyone who has attempted to change an intake manifold with the motor “in situ” on a Tiger Knows just how difficult a job it is. The most common issue is pushing the rear cork gasket out of place when dropping the manifold back onto the engine.

        Here’s a foolproof solution. Install 5/16″ studs in each corner bolt location for the intake manifold. Using a gasket sealant like Permatex “ultra black”, apply a small amount around the water port of each side gasket. apply a liberal amount to the front and rear valley above AND below the cork valley gaskets.

        The studs will allow the manifold to be dropped down square onto all of the gaskets. Start the remaining intake manifold bolts and remove the 4 studs. Torque to spec. I do not recommend straight RTV, the Permatex Ultra Black is much superior.

        as the manifold will be dropped straight down, there will be little chance of the ear cork gasket shifting position. Works perfectly everytime for me!!

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