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      Hi Gang,
      Just purchased my Tiger and now looking at insurance.

      Any words of wisdom?

      Some recent quotes:
      American Collectors = $278 a year
      Hagerty: $400 a year plus $4 a month for flat bed towing.

      Thanks in advance…

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      It seems as though there are different coverages and "clauses" between the different agencies. I compared prices a few years back and found little price difference for the same coverage. I heard "horror stories" about coverage "gaps" that were scary… but it is always hard to tell how much is true. I checked after each "story", and found no issues with my policy (Condon-Skelly for 27 years). There a at least a few other highly-recommended sources, too.
      Insurance [to me] is very complex, I would recommend going with a company that has a good reputation among people that you trust.
      For the "flatbed towing", "AAA Plus" covers daily drivers and collector cars (I think up to 100 miles).
      Good luck.

      2/25 – noted that the Condon-Skelly brochure "We insure your fun" has a picture of a Sunbeam on the front.

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      I also have Condon & Skelly for my two Tigers. Cost is $400 per year, 2,500 mile limit for each, full covergae, no deductible, each valued at $24,000 if totalled.

      The Condon & Skelly web site also mentions a discount for cars NOT driven year round, stored in a safe place. I need to check this to see if it saves any $$$.

      Fred Baum

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      I changed all my Sunbeams over to Hagerty because they will do an "agreed value", and because they’re so easy to deal with.

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      I use my State Farm Agent for all my cars. My agent is a Corvette (4) guy. I have current stated values on both Tigers. He walked me through the process with photos and didn’t need a private apprasal. Along with the pictures, we submitted A NADA values sheet off the NADA classic cars website. $130.00 for six months. What you must be concerned about is if your vehicle gets clobbered by some clown with "FLY by NIGHT Insurance." A couple of years ago I got hosed for $3000 when this kid ran a red light and totaled my wife’s car. You want replacement value !

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        state farm is great for regular car insurance and home owners. they would not pay all of a claim on one of my harringtons several years ago. they didn’t understand the difference and disputed the fiberglass work needed. i still have the houses and our 5 regular cars with them but not my sunbeams.

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        Thanks guys,
        I ended up going with Hagety. So far they are easy to deal with. Time will tell…..

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        Hagerty seems to have a good reputation… I’m pretty sure that they insure the Simeone Foundation cars – puts you in very good company, I’d say. They are also active in the H.V.A.
        Plus you’ll get that cool magazine. Hopefully you will never need to file a claim 🙂

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          I am a California Lic. producer for JC Taylor aka Foremost aka Farmers Insurance group. Lots of things to discuss vs a State Farm policy or a std Farmers policy. I too can write Antique Auto with Farmers or a true collector car policy with J C Taylor.
          You can get agreed value with either BUT the State Farm or Farmers or Allstate other big boy non spec. program does not cover things not attached to your car. IE the Corvette guy who has the big buck Fuel Injection stolen from his open or burnt garage. In most every homeowners and std. auto policy parts not attached are Not Covered.
          I am in California, and will respond to any question at 310 543 9833. Most states are very similar if not verbatim, I am only lic in calif. 0797983 state reqmt. for me to list my # when ever.

          I do my Tiger with Farmers as it is a little less expensive and have immediate binding authority. The only if is a appraisal from a "qualified source" ex, a Club officer CAT TEAE etc. but it is always best to back things up with recent sales comps..
          Cheers Warren

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          Bob and Jean Webb

            hagerty has a rider to cover spare parts not covered under the home owners. we have a rider for 20K to cover our parts and the extra cost is really insignificant. we do have a complete inventory of our parts.

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              I bet you do, and could nickel down the coverage with what I bought from you…. good stuff.

              We offer the rider as well. If you do not buy it or have uncovered cars parts look into a sidewall fire sprinkler in the garage.

              I have had a prospect with a water heater in the garage on the floor not on a raised platform with a nice original 65 Mustang Convt. I walked from the biz after they scoffed at the suggestion to move the heater. Sooner or later one toasted pony…..

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