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      Hi. I have a MK1A (TAC #709) with all original drivetrain with about 50,000 original miles on it. As I’ve discussed elsewhere, I’m considering mothballing the original engine and building a hotter 289 engine like the one that was in the MKII.

      From my understanding, the MK1A came with a close ratio transmission, and the MKII came with a wide ratio transmission. So my question is, has anyone driven a MKII and a MK1? Is the wide ratio gearing of the MKII better, more tractable than the MK1? What was your general impression of the MKII versus the MK1? Which would you choose (values being equal) if you were forced to choose only one?

      What I’m trying to figure out is, with the bigger engine displacement, should I have my transmission rebuilt to a wide ratio to make the car feel like a MKII? If so, how was the MKII better?

      I’m no Tiger expert because the only one I have ever driven is my own MK1A, so details are important in your responses. Thanks so much!

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      It all depends on how you are going to use the car. I currently have a wide ratio in my MK1A. It was installed years ago when I had a bit more HP and the car was used for Auto-X and as a daily driver. I ran the car hard in those days and the wide ratio was fun. It is down on HP now and my driving is more cruising than stop light racing so I would just as soon have the close ratio. If performance is king, go for it.

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      Mike Schreiner

        You definetly want the wide ratio…I at one time had two tigers, one with close ratio and one with wide…The wide ratio was nicer to drive in the lower gears….so if you are having it rebuilt I would have it converted to wide ratio….which is what I had done back then by Dan Williams. mike

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