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      Can anyone tell me what motor this is and why does the transmission have a solenoid on it ? Also what carb is this??
      The car I just got I’ve identified as a S2 (thanks Junkman)
      There seems to no way to post pictures???
      On the block you would see: B9400428
      And below The 428 Are LRX

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        There are instructions on how to post pictures on another post somewhere. I’m on my phone right now so can’t point you to it.

        The engine number will be the same as the BIN number if it’s original. Many were swapped out over the years though. You can check references on which series had which vin numbers (I can say for sure the 940 series is an earlier car (than series V). Likewise the LRX is left hand drive, ”regular” compression, export market.

        The solenoid on the transmission would mean you have the desirable overdrive option.

        Can’t speak to the carbs without pix and they’d help on the trans as well.

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        I guess you need to be a member to post pictures but I can’t seem to find how or where to do that?

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          I just checked the old post I recalled, and yes it says you have to be a member to post a picture. The forum will be moving to a new platform soon and that may change but, why not join TEAE? The club is a great resource of people that know and love Sunbeams and Rootes vehicles of all types.

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          probably a Laycock De Normanville overdrive. I had a 63 or 64 Tr-4 with thhios in it. In My application,It was effectively a 7 speed transmission. very cool.

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