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      I just got done flipping through the may issue of tigers east alpines east and just got re-excited again when i read that it was gonna be in the midwest..I was just wondering if it too early to voice an opion or maybe a few suggestions?My father has been a long time member of te/ae and we have been going to most uniteds and and suni"s for over 30 years together,he helped out alot with the lake geneva suni i said, just wanted to suggest some ideas from a member

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      i left out that this is regarding united 2011 in the midwest

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      Carl and Vonda Moon

        You’re not jumping the gun at all! This years United (2010) has been in the planning stages for almost 2 years. Potential locations, volunteers, etc. is exactly what we can use to get the ball rolling. I have a couple family members still living in Indy that may even help out. Share your ideas on the forum or you can contact me direct.

        Carl Moon

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        my vote is for indiana as well,,i live in indianapolis currently and have some good suggestions and would be willing to help out in any way possible,as well as my dad david vote however is for a place about 50 miles out of indy in southern indiana call brown county state reasons for this location are perfect for sunbeam owners and there family as well..i suggest this area for multipal much as i love my city of indianapolis and maybe having another event at the motor speedway on paper might sound like a good idea to most but as a local i will tell you guys that the area of speedway is nothing to write home about,unless a race is going on..bad roads for one,bad town for two and hardly any kids activities{some of us still bring our kids on these trips}i have more reasons but ill save them for some other time..My vote is for brown county state park and the town of nashville indiana,our shelby club just recently had there 33rd meet there as well and it seems like an ideal location for us sunbeam guys..the town offers perfect scenic roads for a road rally,classic car museums and air force museums,plenty of shopping for the ladies we bring with,in park lodging and cabins,hospitality rooms and big banquit hall,large paved parking lots for a car show and last but not least plenty of outdoors stuff to do with or without kids and what not.the only downfall i found is for autocross spot.i can provide detailed info if you are interested at all..once again just a suggestion

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        That sounds like a great place. I happen to known Switzerland county very well, it must be similar terrain. Great for rallying. You also have close by the Cummings enginge plant, may be a factory tour can be arranged? Also the Corvette museum is not that far away, and our member Barry Schonberger with his race Tiger, member Joel Griffin nearby, etc…… You could have a United team together. Why not get your team together and make a proposal at the membership meeting in Maine.

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        Well, Indianapolis is worthy of consideration but I’d like to put in a vote for Minneapolis, Minnesota. I believe the Sunbeam Alpine Owners Assoc. is planning to host their Sunbeam Invasion in Minnesota in 2011, too. Why not combine the efforts and maximize the Sunbeam population? Might help draw in a few more members from the Midwest regions?

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        my vote is still for indiana,,although it would be kinda nice to have a meet tie into sunbeam invasion,i just think the planning would be alittle crazy..the reasons why i put my vote for southern indiana are as follows– conditions,its nice out until about november.and it seems alot of these events take place in the fall or spring..2.location,as in tigers east has many club members in ohio,indiana,georgia,florida and so on that would make the trip to lets say southern indiana as opposed to i know all the wisconsin clubs and other more northern clubs might agrue with that and that is just saying that maybe having a event in a more centraly located area might draw out more tiger and sunbeam owners,which in my opion is always a good thing

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