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      Hi all:

      In my usual approach that Sunbeams are meant for driving, Susan and I took a weekend trip to visit our daughters in Minnesota this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We took Ol’ Blue – the 1725 with the 5 speed – and put on about 700 miles before we were back home in sunny South Dakota.

      In the course of the trip we had to use the heater for a brief period on Friday evening and the AC for a brief period on Sunday afternoon.

      The car runs so well! On the trip home yesterday evening I was running on Interstate 90 – most of the time at 75 mph, occasionally higher. Tiger Tom would be proud!

      Life is good!

      from sunny South Dakota,


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      Hi Paul
      Hell you make me so jealous with all that driving you got in this year.
      I only made about 1000 miles this summer.That is just so not me at all as it usually is in the 5 to 6000 mile range.
      We went for a drive on Sunday and unexpectedly ended up in a car show out in the country.Had stopped on the side of the road to take a look and next thing we were parked in the show.Never did get to where we were going.
      8) It rained all day but then it still was sunny

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