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      Ron & Linda Jones

        So, I guess this is the place for a first post. I got a 67 SV Alpine, in November and have been trying to get it straightend out. Kinda 3steps forward 2 steps back. Progress but slow. I’ve been posting in the SAOCA, if anyone is interested. I’ve got a thread there discribing what I have and what I’ve done. It’s not up to date, but pretty close.
        With all the $ on the East Coast I was wondering where all the Alpine owners were, should have figured out you’ld all be Tiger owners 😮 :). Anyway I came across y’all by following links about the British Car Day, in Lilypons, MD. I see y’all have a get together in Carlisle. I’m hoping to have mine on the road by Spring, and maybe meeting y’all at one or the other. I’ve lived in the DC/Balt area all my life, currently living in Elkridge, MD. In the meantime I hope to pick up a few pointers and information. Although I’m gonna keep it mostly "stock" I ain’t a fanatic about it and am very interested in reliability mods.

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        Looks like you have a worthy project there. If you get it all roadworthy by spring, we’d surely like to see it at the Bring A Sunbeam Here event in Carlisle. There seem to be quite a few Baltimore / DC area and South Central PA Alpine owners. Our numbers are growing.

        (We’re not all Tiger owners. 🙂 I’ve got two Imps.)

        I hear you about the reliability mods. Those are definitely not the ones to pass up. Fuses, good brakes, electronic ignition, etc.

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        Ron & Linda Jones

          Hey Eric, I’d never heard of sunbeams, before a buddy told me this one was available, still don’t know what an imp is 😳 Glad you took a look @ the link. I still have high hopes to have it running, but it’s always the little things that hang you up.

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          I’ve only been into Sunbeams a few years myself. I didn’t know what a Sunbeam was before I met my wife.

          I suspect there will be many Rootes gurus in attendance at the BASH event. Come up even if you are beamless. We like to share what we know to help another Sunbeam get back on the road.

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          Ron & Linda Jones

            8) thanks for the welcome 🙂 😉
            If I don’t have the Sunbeam runnin’ maybe I’ll come up on one of my bikes.

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            Bikes! Now you’re talking! My Sunbeam bike won’t be ready by then I suspect.

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            Ron & Linda Jones

              Sunbeam makes/made Bikes! :o, wife would kill me if I brought in another project. 🙄 The bikes are on "My" side of the garage, and I’ve kicked her out of "Her" side, for the Alpine…she’s not happy 😯 . I’ve brought back 2 bikes from storage shed rot-hell, an 82 KZ750 twin and a 79 Yamaha XS750 triple. I even got a friend’s 74 BMWR90, total basket case, back on the road. That cost, IMO, big $, glad I wasn’t paying for it. The beamer is what made me think I could do the Alpine. Before getting the Alpine, I’d considered a matched set of 750’s. I know there are 750 4 cyl’s, but there doesn’t seem to be a 750 thumper. I think there is a British 700 single cyl, though, not sure the make.

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              quote SVRon:

              Sunbeam makes/made Bikes!

              Bunch of photos here:


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              Ron & Linda Jones

                NICE 🙂 8) ,
                is that some kind of a cop bike?

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