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      I used info from Dan Walter’s perfect hub puller to make mine.

      Just plate steel with four holes and the fitting for the slide-hammer welded
      to the center. That with some bolt, washers and coupling nuts. The hubs
      came off easily requiring 40 ft/lbs on one side and 50 ft/lbs on the other.

      I then used the MONGO slide-hammer to pop the axles out.

      I checked for end play before I pulled the axles and there was 0 on both
      sides. There was a .030 shim on one side and a .010 on the other. So, I
      needed shims. There are no shims available in Leavenworth, KS so I made

      I bought some .030 steel and .010 tin at the locale hardware store.

      Question for you guys who know, how many shims and what thickness do you
      have on your car? I hope I made enough. I also had to make the paper
      gaskets which was quite easy after cutting the metal ones.

      Have some parts painting to do today and then Monday I will have the old
      bearing removed and the new one pressed on.

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      I assume this is the original engine. My Tiger was originally a LHD now converted to RHD and the decal is located on the what is now the right hand rocker cover to the front.


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