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      After six and one half years and little bit of money, our 1966 MK1A is complete. As stock as I could afford to make it and looking very nice. I don’t mean to be corny but a lot of credit goes to Doug Jennings at the Tiger Auto Club, Al Roth the engine builder at R & R Machine here in Akron, Ohio and Rick at Sunbeam Specialties.

      So here’s my question: I’ve washed the Tiger twice, with clean rags and McGuire’s car wash and used a new chamois to dry. There are always streaks or a slight film left over. What’s the best product and process to end up with a shiny Tiger.
      Thanks for the replys.

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      the water is what leves marks.. if you rinse with purified water you won have that issue.. many filters are available to bolt on to your hose.

      However.. i find that if the car has a good coat of polish on it that the chamois should lift all the water.

      Clean the car, clay stick it, then polish with a good polish like meguairs gold class, autoglym super resin et al.. use microfibre cloths to buff… if you ahev some spare coin… swiss wax would be a great way to seal it in.

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      we always use micro fiber towels to dry the car. it works great on our paint jobs done by doug and steve. no streaks.

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      I just use a sponge and bucket on mine;

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      Now that is a car wash I would be willing to take my cars to.

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      Earl Casey

      Bill Have only washed my tiger once in 4 years but I do not take it out on wet roads. I use mothers cordoba wax when it gets dusty I use a california duster then Ice detailer with a good micro fiber cloth with good results I also keep the tiger covered when not in use.. the detailer realy works great.. Try it instead of the car wash.. Good luck Earl bluoval

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