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      Sorry if this has been covered before.

      Just how many Tigers are out there now?

      I was told recently that it may be around 1000. What do ya’ll think?

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        i would say there are a good deal more than 1000, how many are truly tigers.. how many are beyond saving and how many are in hiding.. who knows.. my father met a guy who said he has a tiger on blocks here in AU, done 35K miles and is original. He put it on blocks in his heated garage in mid 70’s, guy has a car collection… nobody in out club has seen it.. though a few have heard of it.. how many other cars are in garages out there not seen by the clubs

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        Jeff Nichols

          My guess would be 3 – 4000 still exist. This includes restored to wrecks. I read somewhere that Norm, of the book, has knowledge of approx. 2500 cars.

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