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      Gene Sokolowski

        I am posting a link to a picture story board that I just finished tonight. It gives a look at the modification I did to my Tiger hood during the body restoration. Hopefully it will be of interest to some. … tory/13365


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        That’s beautiful. I really like it.

        Bill in Ohio

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        Nice job you need to make a few for sale, alot better that the org. ones, in the fact that its all metal.

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        Gene Sokolowski

          Thanks Bill and George for the kind words.

          George, that hood modification was a one-off for me. I am barely finding time to get my Tiger put back together. Its been in restoration mode since 2004. See my post on "New Member Introduction" with link to the before stages of my project.

          Again thanks guys!

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          I think the hole might have been for tachometer.

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          Very nice!

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