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      I am trying to get my hood latch to function properly as it won’t close and latch correctly.

      PO tied but failed to adjust it.

      I found out using the tape method, that the striker pin is too far to the passenger side. I do have the front to back set correctly, however I do not see an adjustment for the left to right. The stiker pin just hits the side of the hole. All parts seem to be OK and straight. I am wondering if the PO put the striker and other parts on backwards. Although by turning the parts 180 degrees it makes no difference on the left to right pin location, just the front to back which is adjustable elsewhere. I do not see where the latch itself is adjustable left to right either.

      So, detailed pictures of the correct order of parts on the underside of the hood would be great. Perhaps I can get this completed prior to the United in La Crosse! My wife and I were married there in 1982 and stayed at the Radisson for our wedding night (although I really don’t remember it).

      Thanks in advance.


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      I have never had to adjust mine but it looks to me that the left to right adjustment is done at the striker on the hood. The bolt holes on the striker are big enough to give some left to right adjustment as well as front to back adjustment. Since your front to back adjustment is correct, you may want to mark the front to back position of the striker with masking tape before you loosen the bolts so you only change the left to right position.


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      Thanks to Tom and Pam, I have a new (used) hood striker to work with. PO had it on upside down and out of adjustment. It was also repaired by brazing and a horrible welding attempt. Tom sent me a used one from an Alpine so we just need to get it installed. Thanks Tom & Pam!

      Now the next issue is the positive ground. Yup, that’s right. The PO had the battery grounded via the positive terminal.

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      Thanks to Tom and Pam Jeffers for giving me a different hood latch assembly! My hood is now adjusted so both the primary and secondary latches work!

      Battery issue resolved as well. Previous owner really messed some things up, but we’re all good for LaX!

      Thanks Tom and Pam!

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