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      Holley recomends using their throttle body #950-22S. <http>
      They say that it is lower than a Holley carb and lets you use an O2 sensor.

      Does anyone have any experience with this TBI?

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      The short answer NO

      How’s the Wheels-On-Meals program work in New England?

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      I have to ammend that NO. I may have a 950-22S. I’ll have to check and get back to you. I can tell you that the early vintage Holley TBI is crap. It cost me an engine cause of intermittent leaning caused by their injector. The controller does not provide adequate mixture ranges for cold to hot days. Cold as in 40 degrees.

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      Doug, I checked my files and did not find reference to the 950-22s If it is the Pro-Injection series, it is in fact lower than a Holley carb. However if using all their recommended spacers, it is probably heigher. Mounted on a Eldebrock pro-former manifold required some TBI mods to fit a stock air cleaner.

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