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      I was a member of TE/AE in the mid to late 1990’s. At that time I began collecting parts to create a performance 1725 Alpine. The parts list includes such items as new Venolia pistons, new GLS twin 40 DCOE Webber intake manifold, new Kent 286SP performance cam, and much more including a prepared 1725 block.

      I also have 6 Libre wheels, two 8-inch and four 5-inch. The 8-inch are genuine American Racing Equipment.

      I will be at the United this Saturday. I won’t be staying over, but I will be there with all the parts in an Orange Honda Element. I really want these parts to go to a good home. I know I will be taking a beating, but I’d really like to see more performance Alpines.

      Tim Tilton

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