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      I was brought up around Rootes cars and trucks, my most recent was a 1954 Humber Hawk MKVI I have also owned series cars and a Humber Sceptre.

      I converted a 1955 Humber Supersnipe saloon into a pick up which is now in Qatar. Humber built pick ups specifically to work in the oil fields of the middle east.
      I will post photos soon.

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      welcome aboard 🙂
      Sounds like you’ve had some interesting Rootes history… will look forward to more details/pix.

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      Welcome, Tom.

      The comfortable Super Snipe is the furthest thing I can think of for a pickup conversion. I can’t wait to see!

      The history of Rootes vehicles and the middle east is an interesting one. A former workmate from Iran educated me on the relationship of Rootes and the Paykan which became the "national car" of Iran.

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      The paykan was an arrows Hillman Hunter from 1967 which by then Chrysler were taking over.

      The Supersnipe pick ups were built on the chasis of the MK111 and MK1V models, the former a 4 litre straight 6 side valve the latter a 4 litre straight 6 ovh. They lacked the luxury of the saloon as there was no carpet. I built one in 2010, it was in the national day parade in Qatar, they had a historic section of vehicles that had worked in the oil fields of Qatar. In total I shipped 5 Humbers. The first recorded vehicle to work in Qatar was a 1929 Morris one ton truck. I had the task of finding one and persuading the owner to sell. Once I figure how to post photos I will.

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