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      Back in 2005, I sold my 1965 Tiger that I had just restored. I had a new baby boy, and we have all heard the rest of the story. I just purchased a 1966 Tiger, B382001727, from a private seller. I am very happy to be back in the Tiger fold, and this one is for keeps. I have not even had the car delivered yet, but it should be soon. I am also a member go CAT in Colorado, where I lived before moving here to Maryland last year. I will upload photos here, but the car has been owned by the previous owner for 20 years, and was not entered on Norm’s registry until I sent him the info- pretty cool! I hope to have it TAC’d shortly.

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      Welcome back! Will you have your Tiger in time to attend the United? Should be a short drive for you to attend. Eric

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      Unfortunately, I don’t think I can get it here in time. With Hershey being right in the middle of everything, it is keeping me from having a lot of flexibility on this. I believe it will be here mid-October! I’m trying to attend the United, but I think it will be Saturday before I can get there. Such a shame, considering I am sponsoring the BBQ on Friday!

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