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      I am getting ready to install a posi with a 3.07 gear in my Mark 1A Tiger. I know this might seem like a dumb question to the experts, but I think all of the pinions out there now have 26 fine splines and the original 2.88 pinions had 10 coarse splines. So when I install the 3.07 gear and pinion, I already know that I won’t be able to connect my driveshaft to the new pinion because the splines won’t be able to mate up.

      I think this can be resolved by changing the companion flange to one that bolts onto the driveshaft the same as the original, but bolts to a pinion with 26 splines. There are two problems with that: First, I have no idea what manufacturer or part number I would need. Second, I don’t know who would be able to sell it to me and how much it will cost! Can anyone help me with this information, please? Thanks!!!

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      Sunbeam Specialties sells a fine spline flange to replace the one on the rear end. Not cheap, but go tothe catalog and look up Tiger ring and pinion.

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