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      Does anyone know when Rootes/Sunbeam changed the model year designation……….in other words, Mk 1’s were built until August ’65, but at what point, if at all, did they become “1966 Models”? Thanks in advance.

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      From what I’ve read, the model year is tied to the chassis number. Your car, B94754 is listed in Norm’s book as being completed on February 22nd, 1965 and is a built for 1965 model year MK I. The 1966 model year vehicles all had chassis numbers beginning with B3820.


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      According the the BON, the last MKI was made about
      Aug 6, 1965. The improved B382’s (MK Ia’s) began
      production shortly after in 1965 and continued thru
      December 1966. the B38210001 MK II was made
      in December 1966 and the rest in the 1967.

      Most Tigers were shipped close to the production
      date. The applicable Federal laws applied to the date
      it was made not thhe model year. Each state has its
      own laws as to what year to title a car. A MK IA made
      in 1965 could have been sold as a 1965 or 1966
      depending on the state. Just like today, a Ford made
      the Fall could be sold as a 2005 or 2006 depending
      your state. I saw an leftover MKIA sold as a 1968
      Tiger in WI.

      Whatever year, enjoy the car.


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