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        Help…I have a Tiger with a stock trans bolted to a Lakewood housing to a 289 HIPO (6 bolt). The flywheel is a C30E-6380B with a 160 tooth ring gear. I’ve had the car 6 months and the starter was noisy right from the get-go. I eventually had a mechanic change it out with no success..and now it’s deteriorated to the point that I’ve just ripped the whole drivetrain out and it’s on my shop floor ! The ring gear is badly worn to the point that there are spots on it that the starter will not engage. I don’t know much about starters so not sure what I have in there…
        Now I’m wondering if this setup was wrong from the start…??should I have a 157 tooth flywheel (ring gear)??is the starter the wrong one?? (manual/auto?) can’t seem to find any Tiger guys out there that can give me the answer…yet…

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        I seem to remember when I had my MKII Tiger that when I replaced the starter there was a difference between manual and automatic styles, but I don’t know what it was.

        Fred Baum

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        If you can you need to call Doug Jennings at Tiger Auto in Ohio, he can help with the ring gear and starter issue. There is a difference in the two starters I can not remember but I wasted a ring gear when I used the wrong starter!!

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        According to the notes that came with my car from the previous owner, the proper count is 157-tooth for both 260 and 289, five and six bolt bellhousing.

        The document goes further to say that “large 164 tooth flywheel (commonly found on pick-ups) can be used with large cast iron bellhousing which has provision for narrow trans. pattern at a significant weight penalty.

        Cheers, Gilles

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          Well, I changed the ring gear to a 157 tooth . but in the mean time some K-code mustang fanatic came over and saw my ‘gennie’ HIPO motor and…to make a long story short… my new ‘trickflow’ headed ‘monster’ motor will be here Friday.. at no cost to me!!
          I DID to talk to several Tiger ‘gurus’ around the country… doesn’t seem to be an issue …I’ll just trial the whole thing before I put it back in the car. I must say that everyone I’ve met in the Tiger community are just the greatest… more than willing to take time to talk Tigers all day long..glad I’m on a phone plan! lol!

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            After correcting a few things on re-assembly like using the larger bearing retainer and ‘dialing’ the bellhousing to the new block my stock starter works perfectly with the 157 tooth ring gear on the stock flywheel!!
            I’m much relieved as the prospect of another re & re is just a bit much and I’ve already put the shoehorn away… lol!
            I was worried that my new Edelbrock ‘air-gap’ manifold would be a bit high but with a Holley 4150 and stock air cleaner there’s about 5/8″ at the front corners and more at the rear!! Whew!

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