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      I just filled up the Alpine and dove it home. When I got out, I found gas all over my new paint. Ouch!!!! The tank was filled but it was not up to the filler neck. I cleaned everything up then went out for another ride. The same problem occurred and when I unscrewed the gas cap it all most seemed that the system was pressurized and leaking right out of the cap. The cap is brand new from SS. I was told it’s a motorcycle cap. It has a thick gasket and seems to seal tight. It also has a vent. I then switched to my old locking cap. Same problem. Are the late Series 3’s know for this problem? Do I have to run only half a tank of gas, seems silly to me. Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!

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      I would check the air vent hose that goes from one tank to the other.If it is blocked or compressed in any way there will be air pressure in the drivers side tank.
      I also had gas leak out but for a different reason.The gas station had a sloping lot.This left the right side of the car a bit higher.Driving on level ground the tanks were too full and gas leaked out for a bit unnoticed on the paint.fortunatly I did have a good wax job but needed to rewax.
      8) And its sunny.My NEW 302 started right away

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      I agree with chuck. Need to check air vent hose. Check too to see if the cap vent hole only allows air to go in but not out by blowing in the hole. It is a popular Triumph motor cycle cap used in the 50,60 and 70’s bykes.

      Chuck glad to hear your 302 started. But did you?

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      I forgot about breather hole in the cap.
      Did I get started?Sure I did.The question though is,did I finish?
      The project is going so much slower than i figured.Just too many projects that I need to do,want to do and am interested in.
      8) did i mention its sunny again

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      Chuck, Finish??? We never finsh.

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      We never finish !!?
      Now you have the answer I needed as to why there is so much I want to do.
      8) I would think thats why it is so sunny

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      Keep that sunny and keep 🙂 TT

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