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      Hi everyone,

      My name is Colin Mullaney, I recently acquired a very nice Alpine. It is a late series 2 model and needs a number of parts (list below). I’m hoping for information and sources as I learn about this car. I see most of them are offered by such companies as Sunbeam Specialties, Classic Sunbeam, and Victoria British. Any recomendations or warnings about suppliers?

      Some parts will only be available used, I’d love to get to know some of the local enthusiasts. I’m in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I’ll look through the classifieds here and on other boards but any leads would be wonderful.

      Some parts are completely missing and others I’m not sure of their proper installation. Any photos and info that anyone can post to help would be great.

      Here is the list of what I need:

      Carpet set- I see some suppliers offer one set for all years of Alpine (Victoria British), others specifiy a set specific to Series 1 & 2 (Classic Sunbeam and Sunbeam Specialties). Which is true?

      Convertible top-Which supplier and what material? Pinpoint Vinyl? Crushed grain Vinyl? Any photos that show the frame would be great, I don’t know if the one that came with the car is the proper one….or what might be missing.

      Gas cap- Can’t seem to find a new one

      rear tailight lenses

      licence plate light lense

      Wiper blades

      Heater temperature control lever- need the round knob for the end of the lever. photo below.

      Gear shift knob

      Glove box cubby- the car came with a new cubby to install but I don’t know how it installs or if I have all the parts needed. Photos would be great. I can post photos of what I have.

      Steering wheel- This one works but is very tired. Can I buy one or have this one refurbished? All I’ve found so far is a chrome horn ring that doesn’t look the same as mine. Photo attached.

      Rear view mirror- functions fine but the mirror is cracked

      Dash switches and identifying round trims- photos below. There is a switch or button missing to the left of the steering wheel and some identifying trims (lights,wipers, panel, map…) are worn or missing. Are these available anywhere? Photo attached.

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      Welcome aboard.
      Sunbeam Specialties is highly regarded and run by a true marque enthusiast.

      Also, if you join TE/AE (also highly recommended), you can check the roster [on-line] to see what members might be in your area with what variety of cars.
      The club facebook page seems more active than the forum, you also might want to try there for info…

      Good luck with everything!

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      Thanks Mark, I will definitely join and look at the Facebook page as well.


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      Ron & Linda Jones

        Good Luck, on your project, Colin. I agree w/Mark about SS, I’ve bought most of my parts from Sunbeam Specialties, I’ve noticed Classic Sunbeam in NY, carries a few things, Rick does not. Also, spend a bit more and get a better carpet, than Victoria British sells. Actually, IMO, avoid VB, I’ve not been satisfied w/much of the quality. BTW, that steering wheel looks a lot better than most used ones I’ve seen advertised, especially the horn ring. You may want to consider restoring it.

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