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      Gene Sokolowski

        It looks like the install of the dash pad and then the windscreen are the next orders of business for my assembly project.

        I have found a couple threads with good advice for installing the dash pad. The dash pad installation instructions from SS says to "remove a long strip of cardboard underneath the old dash pad and just behind the dashboard by drilling out the pop rivets holding it". Since my car was stripped at time of purchase I have no idea of what it looks like or where it was mounted. Can anyone shed any light on this? Is it something I need a template of to make and install any necessary piece(s)?

        My windscreen frame is in good shape and painted. I have the glass and the gaskets. I have six pieces of stainless steel molding: four for the surround and two as drip rails. The drip rail pieces and side moldings have some similar holes, but there are also a couple extra holes in the side pieces that are not in the drip rail piece. These look to be riveted in place at some point? Are there any instructions out there for assembling these pieces? Also I am confused on the attachment of the A-post seals and the fur flex piping. Has anyone seen any good instructions or pictures out there for the correct installation of these pieces?

        Thanks in advance for your help and guidance!

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        There are three trim pieces, one a bit of fiberboard material like that used for the trunk panels and two fabric covered alloy pieces, one one each end. The retangular fiberboard piece goes in the center. Look where the dashpad would fold around the flange in front of the dash, you should see a couple holes in the bottom of the metal cowl the dashpad covers. The fiber piece serves more to keep the glue from coming loose and the wrapped around edge coming loose. The end pieces, covered in black, go at the ends of the dash between the dash and the flange for the weatherstrip. Look for where the flange bends forward at the door opening, the shapes should match.

        As for the windscreen, yes there should be som pop type rivets used. Holes through the drip rails and side windshiled trim should match, swap the drip rails side to side if they don’t since to seems to me they were drilled freehand at the factory. If I get time this evening I’ll see about getting a couple photos of the bits and weatherstrip. But due to other commitments, may be Thursday evening.

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        Gene Sokolowski


          Thank you for the information! After reading your comments I was able to see how the drip rail pieces and side moldings go together along with the A-post weatherstripping. I would appreciate a picture or two from your car to see how the furflex piping fits into the picture. If you want to send the pictures directly by email:

          Since I do not have the three pieces that fit under the dash pad I am wondering if someone has them out there for sale?

          Thanks again.

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          I’ll have to email to you, since I don’t have any external photo account I find it doesn’t seem to want to insert photos

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          I replaced my cardboard pieces with thin aluminum copies made from the org. and painted them flat black. I would like to make a helpful note that I found it best to fit the glass and the trim on the windsheld glass before you mount the frame to the car, just something I found was easier to do when you have that choice. 8)

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          Well, I can’t get the photos to attach, just don’t use that function enough I guess. Anyone know how that works??

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          Gene Sokolowski

            I had a note from Rick at Sunbeam Specialties on the cardboard piece and covered aluminum pieces. He does not carry them. He did send a picture of the aluminum pieces holding the dash pad in place.

            It is apparent I need these to correctly install the dash pad.

            So, does anyone have these pieces out there from which a paper template could be made? I could fashion the aluminum pieces from there. A picture of the cardboard piece in place on the car would be very helpful also.


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            Gene Sokolowski

              Just wanted to do a quick update to my post.

              After reading the comments to my post and receiving a couple pictures from helpful sunbeamers I was able to conceptualize the three pieces that I need to complete the dash installation correctly. I mocked up the dash pad, dash panel and the furflex weatherstripping and took a good look at what I needed.

              I had a piece of 1/8 inch thick interior trim cardboard from when I refurbished my seats. I measured and made a 38" long and 1.75" wide strip from the cardboard material. I cut a piece of brown wrapping paper that size and taped it into place on the underside metal forward of the top of the dash and marked out the rivet holes and map light screw holes. I used the paper template to mark and drill the holes on the finish cardboard piece. I then mocked it up in the car and it worked fine.

              I will basically do the same with the two vinyl covered aluminum dress pieces that I need to finish out the dash side areas.

              Many thanks to those who helped.

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